Kolejny sukces naczelnika! Polska ponownie spada w rankingu wolności mediów Reporterów bez Granic.

Nothing seems to be able to stop Law and Justice, the national-conservative party that won the October 2015 general election, from pushing on with its plan to radically reform Poland as it sees fit, taking no account of those who think differently. Press freedom is one of its project’s main victims. The public media have been formally renamed “national media” and have been transformed into government propaganda mouthpieces. Their new leaders tolerate neither opposition nor neutrality from employees and fire those who refuse to comply. Investigative journalist Tomasz Piatek was threatened with imprisonment for criticizing the defense minister’s links with the Russian intelligence services and had to wait many months before the charges were finally lifted. The broadcasting council, now under the government’s thumb, tried to impose a record fine on TVN, a privately-owned TV channel, for showing anti-government messages in its coverage of a wave of protests in December 2016. The fine was finally rescinded under international pressure. To those who urge moderation, the government always responds with the same arguments based on an ideology that tolerates no dissent.

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